Welcome to North 49 Outfitting & Wilderness Tours.

New to Hunting? Experienced Hunter? Whatever level of your expertise, North 49 Outfitting will treat you to tons of rugged outdoor fun, first-rate accommodations, and exceptional hospitality.

Should hunting be your new found passion and you are looking for your first outfitting adventure, our staff with over 20 years of hunting experience combined with our active white tail deer baiting/feeding will ensure you bag your buck.

New Hunters

Beginner Outfitting Hunts

The logistics behind an outfitting adventure can seem cumbersome to new comers. However, at North 49 our positive guest feedback has allowed us to streamline your first-rate home away from home experience. There is a reason our hospitality specialists are proud to wear the North 49 logo. Are you into playing games? Go to the online pokies australia. There is the best offer for you!

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Experienced Outfitting Hunts

Experienced Hunters

As an experienced hunter you may have a specific outfitting adventure in mind. Our team at North 49 love hunting as much as you do so let them help you have your dream outfitting experience. With 53 farmland, fringe and forest white tail deer allocations permitted, your options are varied. Most of the hunting is done from blinds over bates so you can hunt in comfort.

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Every guest experience is unique so visit our contact page or call us at 1-306-327-9111 today for more information.